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“I always roll out of bed and go to auditions and I’ll get flagged for, like, being dirty-looking. They are, like, ‘You should be more handsome like a leading man!’”

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zayns1d asked:
hiii i was wondering if you could click the link in my description and vote for me to win 1d tickets it only takes a couple seconds and id be really grateful :~)

hii yes sure of course!!

vote for her! please :)


taylorswift: Discography.

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'1DOfficialBook' App [HQs]

'1DOfficialBook' App [HQs]

my friends are all so catholic and do charity stuff and then there is me who just reblogs one direction

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things women worry about under patriarchy: rape, domestic violence, access to contraceptives, equal pay

things men worry about under patriarchy: getting called gay, paying for dates, why does the car wash give women $1 off on wednesdays



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